In today’s ever changing world, there is a need to explore education differently. Students need time to develop their varying talents and strengths in conjunction with a rigorous academic program. Students who are passionate about their learning become indispensable members of society. In the Las Vegas community, students who are gifted and students with learning challenges are two populations that are underserved. W.I.N.N. Academy addresses the needs of these students and each child.

Our WINNspired Vision
W.I.N.N. aspires to teach unconventional thinkers in unconventional ways by promoting an inclusive school environment, individualized learning, and family partnerships. W.I.N.N. Academy strives to redefine “special needs” in education. Students with special needs include those who are exceptionally abled (gifted) as well as those with learning challenges. W.I.N.N. strives to uncover a child’s intrinsic talents and leverage those to inspire that child’s learning.

Our Opportunity for Change
Currently, there are only 4 independent schools in Las Vegas that serve students who have special needs (exceptionally abled as well as those with learning challenges), however their scope and resources are limited.

  • National data reflects that 25% of students have some type of disability that affects their ability to thrive in school. (National Center for Education Statistics) Whether the child has learning challenges or are gifted learners, many parents have voiced concern that their child’s needs are not being met.

Our WINNing Solution

W.I.N.N envisions a learning lab that empowers children to work at their own pace, inviting them to become engaged in and take ownership of the process of learning. Guided by master teachers who differentiate teaching tools and the pace of the curriculum content so that children analyze and synthesize information and develop strategies to apply in
practice. W.I.N.N.’s Solution:

  • Personalized: Teachers and administrators work in partnership with parents and students to identify each child’s areas of interest, learning style, strengths and challenges.
  • Innovative: What.I.Need.Now. Time for all students to spend 20% of their day exploring and mastering their interests. Depending on student interests, student may explore the arts, technology, sports, craftsmanship, or a variety of other technical fields.
  • Intimate: 5:1 student:teacher/adult ratio.
  • Expert: Invested in recruiting specialized teachers and community mentors, while providing ongoing training, W.I.N.N. envisions reaching out to community partners to come into the school and offer specialized learning enrichments for our students.


Addressing the diverse needs of all learners at different rates and in different ways will have profound impact on student’s learning, their view of school, their understanding of the learning process, and their views of themselves as learners. Optimal learning experiences based on needs and passions will increase attendance and positive self-esteem. True differentiated instruction invites students to become engaged in the process of their learning.

Success, WINN Academy