Meet Alexis

Alexis is a 6th grade student who is advanced and has tested as gifted in all academic areas, except for writing where she tested in the high average range. Alexis is fascinated with the law and wants to become a lawyer when she is older. Because of WINN Academy’s philosophy that teachers differentiate their instruction to meet every child where he/she is learning, Alexis’ teacher adjusts the classroom lesson to challenge Alexis beyond the grade level lesson. For instance, when teaching the class about characteristics of different societies (a 6th grade social studies topic), Alexis’ teacher, appreciating that Alexis has an interest in law, challenges her to research and compare the commonalities between the different laws used in Mesopotamia, Greece, and the Roman Empire. During W.I.N.N. time, Alexis chooses to join the debate class. Her teacher in the debate class will work on written and oral arguments, which will also help to reinforce Alexis’ writing skills.


Meet Amanda

Amanda is a 3rd grader with Down Syndrome. Amanda’s math skills are on grade level but her reading and writing skills are currently at a 1st grade reading level and she has difficulty answering reading comprehension questions. Amanda loves music and often comprehends academics when the information is put to a beat or rhythm. Amanda’s teacher conducts grade level lessons with the entire class, and then works with Amanda in a small group setting and at times individually to help her improve her reading comprehension and writing skills. During W.I.N.N. time, Amanda chooses to go to the Theatrics and Music class, which is taught by another teacher in the school who has a background in musical theater production. Amanda learns to sing and read scripts, which helps to reinforce her reading and comprehension skills.


Meet Frank

Frank is a 4th grade student who has autism. He is limited in speech and communication. Cognitively, Frank is about 4 grade levels behind his peer group. Frank loves working on puzzles, sorting objects, and is musically inclined. At times, Frank has issues with sensory overload. Frank is part of our CAP (Cognitive Accessibility Plan) Program. Frank, along with other students, will spend time in a special classroom designed to meet his cognitive needs and development. Additionally, Frank will spend the rest of his day included in our mainstream program with peer students. Classes can include: Physical Education, Music, Art, and W.I.N.N. time. Our goal is to include Frank is as many classes as possible and provide an environment in which Frank’s innate talents are celebrated. As part of Frank’s educational experience, Frank will spend time in our sensory room (open to all students) to help him better integrate when he is having sensory difficulties. During W.I.N.N. time, Frank chooses to go to the architectural building class. Frank’s teacher, knowing that he enjoys puzzles, incorporates puzzles into Frank’s understanding of architectural buildings by having Frank construct three dimensional buildings using Legos, blocks, and puzzles.


Meet Henry

Henry is a kindergarten student who is at grade level in all academic areas. Henry loves to build things and is always first to want to create a structure with building blocks.  Henry’s teacher ensures that when she/he or the teacher assistants meet with Henry individually or in a small group setting, Henry is given the support he needs and is also challenged sufficiently to grow in each academic area. During W.I.N.N. time, Henry chooses to go to the Structures class during which students from various grade levels learn about how structures are built and are given time to experiment with building their own structures, applying math and engineering concepts and visual spatial reasoning.