Mission Statement

A Different Perspective: Teaching Unconventional Thinkers in Unconventional Ways

The WINN Academy’s mission is to inspire and support a desire to seek understanding and to instill a feeling of achievement in all students. Acknowledging  that all students have unique qualities, WINN Academy promotes individualized  learning to enhance each child’s innate talents and help each child fulfill his/her  social, emotional and intellectual potential.  By fostering a caring and creative  environment, diversified to optimally impact each child’s development, we embrace  all students including those who are exceptionally abled as well as those with  learning challenges.



WINN Academy believes that children have various intelligences and that no child should be limited by predetermined factors such as age, disability, or classification. We respect that every child has a unique set of abilities, skills, and passions  dictating that each child should be taught in the way that he/she learns best.

WINN Academy reflects the values and philosophy of an inclusive learning community, one that embraces diversity and integration and leads to better  academic outcomes through specialized education, developmental growth through peer modeling, meaningful friendships, and respect for and acceptance of each  other’s differences.



Reframing the Dialogue

W.I.N.N. Academy strives to redefine “special needs” in the education space.

Students with special needs include those who are exceptionally abled as well as those with learning challenges, those who are twice exceptional, those who have developmental deficiencies and those with emotional sensitivities.

There are endless permutations of “special needs” and by definition and our interpretation, the special needs population is far more inclusive than that which is reflected by conventional schools.