The WINN Solution

The Problem

All great minds do not think alike, so how can we expect one approach to work for all children?

W.I.N.N. will better serve the needs of children, whether they are exceptionally abled, have learning challenges or require social or emotional support, because the school is designed to nurture the individual.

W.I.N.N. strives to uncover a child’s intrinsic talents and leverage those to inspire and produce rather than use
formulaic approaches to categorize a child’s ability to contribute and achieve.

Existing schools are not equipped or not inclined to tend to the developmental and intellectual needs of all children.

Children, particularly those with special support needs, are underserved by:

  • oversubscribed enrollment and large classes
  • scarce resources
  • untrained teachers
  • lack of administrative support for teachers, students and parents
  • lack of understanding about how to optimally serve each child
  • an inability or unwillingness to identify and focus on a child’s talents, strengths and challenges
  • a tendency to categorize rather than nurture individuals
  • a one size fits all, standardized approach to education.


The WINN Solution

W.I.N.N envisions a learning lab that empowers children to work at a rhythm that feels right for them, inviting them to become engaged in and take ownership of the process of learning.

Guided by master teachers who differentiate teaching tools and the pace of the curriculum content, children analyze and synthesize information and develop strategies to apply in practice.

  • Personalized: Teachers and administrators work in partnership with parents to identify each child’s areas of interest, learning style, strengths and challenges.
  • Innovative:  What. I. Need. Now. Time for all students to spend 20% of their day exploring and mastering what their heart and head tells them they need to know more about.
  • Intimate:  5:1 student: teacher ratio.
  • Expert:  Invested in recruiting specialized teachers and community mentors and providing ongoing training.

Thoughtfully designed: Sensory room for all students, an additional special education space, open-model, fluid workspaces designed for children to move around freely and invite dialogue and exploration, and planned transitions to offer structure and balance to the day.

When given the choice, time and freedom to master a pursuit, children blossom, find meaning and achieve greatness.